Simple. Global. Trading.
Take the next step in global automotive trading. Benefit from secure transactions, seamless delivery, and our customer-oriented, trusted service.
Benefits for buyers
Purchase seamlessly, vehicles from international markets without down payments, along with comprehensive payment options. Boost your liquidity and protect yourself from fraud.
Benefits for sellers
Increase your global revenue by selling your vehicles with full payments, including VAT, and streamlined processes without down payments and compliance hurdles.
Your platform for global automotive trading
VEHICLETRADE stands for innovation and efficiency in international automotive trading. Discover the key elements that set us apart from others.
Global reach and logistics
Expand your market through global access to vehicles and enjoy seamless transactions with comprehensive logistic support, including transportation and customs clearance.
Digital transaction processes
Benefit from fast, secure, and efficient transactions through advanced digital technologies and a wide range of payment methods, including both traditional and digital currencies
Multilingual customer service
Experience excellent customer service with personalized assistance in your native language, simplifying communication and ensuring a seamless trading experience
Why Vehicle Trade?
Discover the unique benefits that VEHICLETRADE offers to buyers and sellers in the global automotive trade.
Global logistics
Hassle-free global deliveries - we take care of transportation and customs clearance.
Multilingual customer service
No language barriers - personalized customer service in your native language.
No VAT pre-financing
We take care of VAT pre-financing.
Flexible payment options
Various payment methods including SEPA, SWIFT, credit card, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.
Your Partner In Global Automotive Trading.
Innovation, security, connectivity - VehicleTrade is redefining international automotive trading.
VEHICLETRADE goes beyond an ordinary trading platform - we are your pioneer in digital vehicle trading. We provide innovative, secure solutions for transparent and accessible trading, while our team connects global markets and cultures on our user-friendly platform.
Discover global, risk-free vehicle trading - digitized and easy!
Our platform provides a seamless and secure environment where you can trade with confidence, supported by advanced security measures and transparent processes. Take the step into a future where vehicle buying and selling are efficient, convenient, and free from traditional trading risks.
Mercedes S-Klasse
2019, ca. 47.000 km
Audi Q7
2022, ca. 23.000 km
Mercedes E-Klasse
2017, ca. 110.000 km
2017, ca. 27.300 km
Cadillac Escalade
2016, ca. 38.000 km
Ferrari F8
Neuwagen, ca. 30 km
This is how Vehicle Trade works!
Discover in our video how easy and efficient car trading can be with VEHICLETRADE.
This is what our satisfied partners say
Discover inspiring success stories and authentic feedback from our satisfied partners who have experienced the benefits of our services.
Marc Fischer
Vehicle Trade has opened up access to new international markets for me. The easy handling and quick payment processing are impressive.
Daniel Fuchs
Company Manager
With Vehicle Trade, we now reach customers worldwide. The complete VAT processing and logistics support make the sales process seamless.
Tobias Klein
As a dealer, I find optimal support for my export processing at Vehicle Trade.
Everything you need to know
Find quick solutions and clear information to all your inquiries in the VehicleTrade FAQs.
VEHICLETRADE is a global B2B platform for the car trade that offers buyers and sellers worldwide secure and efficient access to the vehicle market.
How does registration work?
Registration is simple and digital using our KYC procedure, which enables your data to be checked quickly and securely.
Which payment methods are possible?
VEHICLETRADE accepts various payment methods, including SEPA, SWIFT, credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies and cash.
How are the vehicles selected?
All vehicles on VEHICLETRADE come from certified contract partners, which guarantees high quality and reliability.
Can I buy on VEHICLETRADE as an international buyer?
Yes, VEHICLETRADE is specially designed for global trade and supports buyers from all over the world. all vehicles on VEHICLETRADE come from certified contract partners, which guarantees high quality and reliability.
How are the vehicles delivered?
VEHICLETRADE takes care of all the logistics, including transportation and customs clearance, for trouble-free delivery to your desired address.
Do the prices quoted include VAT?
Yes, all prices include VAT, and VEHICLETRADE will pre-finance the VAT for you.
How do we overcome language barriers?
We offer multilingual customer service and personal advisors who communicate in your native language to clarify any questions.
What advantages do sellers have?
Sellers benefit from risk-free trading, full payment including VAT and access to new international markets.
How are quality standards ensured?
We work exclusively with certified dealers and carry out regular quality checks to guarantee our high standards.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, there is no minimum order quantity. You can purchase vehicles according to your needs and budget.
How quickly can a transaction be processed?
Thanks to our efficient digital processes, transactions can be processed quickly and smoothly, often in just a few days.
As a buyer, can I inspect and see a vehicle before I buy it?
Yes, inspections can be arranged. Contact us for details and to schedule an appointment.
Does VEHICLETRADE offer after-sales support?
Yes, we offer comprehensive after-sales support to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.